EV & ESS Expo 2025 - Chennai Edition

The Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Expo 2025 – an International B2B show will provide a platform for component manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and all those involved in the supply chain in the EV & ESS industries. Organised by an experienced team of professionals, the Electric Vehicles & ESS Expo 2025 scheduled to be held on 13th, 14th, 15th February 2025 will be an event attended by the who-is-who of the industry. 

Be a part of the ground-breaking innovation in the EV Industry, the EV & ESS EXPO 2025 will be the definitive destination to see the future of electric vehicles and energy storage systems – from new components and advanced technologies to integrated supply chain solutions and breakthrough developments driving the industry forward.
There are different types of energy storage systems available for long-term energy storage, for instance, the lithium-ion battery is one of the most powerful and is a popular choice of storage. The expo will focus on various areas involved in the production of electrical vehicle (EV) systems, energy management systems, and the supply chain that includes every step that is involved in getting a finished product or service to the end user. The energy storage section will contain the batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells, hybrid storage, power, temperature, and heat management.
A growing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation is forcing the development of electric vehicle technology. Electricity is more than just another means of powering the vehicle. The EV requires an energy storing system which is one of the concerns of today's EV technology. Batteries are the energy storage means for EVs. A large number of batteries are required to assure the desired level of performance, which leads to an increase in the vehicle weight, cost and the degradation of vehicle performance. The 3-day expo will exhibit a variety of battery technologies that are made for electrical vehicles on a set of criteria including specific energy, specific power, energy efficiency, charging rate, cycle life, operating environment, cost, recycling and safety. Various advanced batteries recommended for EV systems will be showcased to give a clear concept and idea of the selection of batteries and associated circuits. A number of charging schemes like home charge, regenerative charge, solar charge, park and charge, etc. are also expected to be on display.

What’s New in 2025

    A deep dive into India’s growth and transformation in the EV industry
    Overcoming complexity and risk in EV manufacturing, safety, product development and regulations
    See and learn how manufacturers use technology in new and emerging ways to lead and make a difference
    Business innovation is more digital than ever. See innovations up-close and personal on the show floor